About Us

Adam Leah Slay Founders



We're Adam & Leah, founders of Slay Laundry. We started SLAY with the mission of making the world's most hated chore more enjoyable through a fun, bold brand, and an extremely easy-to-use eco-friendly detergent sheet, called HOLY SHEET.

While there are other detergent sheet brands out there, we didn't feel like any of them were made for us and our people

The type of people that:

  • Sometimes rewash the same load of laundry three or more times because life got in the way
  • That throw caution to the wind and mix colors with whites
  • Have a laundry room better resembling a battle zone than a staged IG photo
  • Are conscious and not eco-obsessed. We're always trying to do our part but will admit somtimes we don't rinse out our glass jar before it lands in the recycling bin.
  • Don't need products that look "Earth Friendly" to actually be earth friendly

If any of these are you, then welcome, you've found your tribe of laundry slayers and we love you.

Here to Slay,
Adam, Leah, Brock, Sisco & Eric